The Future of Definix — The Decentralized Financial Investment Platform

We have been through a couple of phases that have been accomplished accordingly. When we first start testing every feature on Klaytn blockchain we see through that Rebalancing Farm will not make any less performing feature for the Definix platform.

We launched the Rebalancing Farm feature officially on 13 August, 2021. We encountered several issues after launching, but they were all corrected quickly and the future of Rebalancing Farm still looks promising.

The Rebalancing Farm is nonetheless the proudest feature we have had, but also the innovative DeFi investment to not only having gains from yield, but with the rebalancing strategy allowing users to obtain the chance to sell and buy assets managing the risk in crypto trading.

With the variety of assets and algorithms selected, it leads to the various solutions for investors to diversify their portfolio in different strategies. By diversifying the risk to multiple assets it leads to the chance to make a gain from every scenario of the market.

The team decided to put the asset such as XRP in most of the farm as the leader in terms of volatility that helps raise performance of the farm during a bullish market with the combination of BTC, ETH as a representative of overall the picture of market and USDT as a safety line for the certainty of asset value.

Moreover, on the top of rebalancing performance, there is also an on top reward which is FINIX (APR) automatically compound hourly to the Rebalancing balance and increasing the chance for the rebalancing farm to win over the market situation.

According to the market status during the past week, there was an incident of price increase of the major currencies such as BTC and ETH at the beginning of the cycle.

After that the price behavior of BTC and ETH turn out to be sideways, which causes the price of the currencies that have less market cap to follow the price pattern of major currencies. With the situation above, the rebalance strategy can make a gain continuously from the price change in the asset under rebalancing farm.

In conclusion, the rebalancing strategy is shining under the sideway market situation. With the variety of asset price, behavior, and volatility, the farm can capture every opportunity occurring in the market time frame. The longer period of rebalancing will lead to the higher gain in the long run.

During the launching period, we are facing some difficulties in operating the rebalancing farm. Here is the update the team made on the rebalancing farm recently.

Inaccurate price of asset and information in the rebalancing farm.

  • For this issue, we have investigated and found that the cause of this is the data from Price APIs. Instead of sending the current prices, they feed the close prices to the system, which the prices displayed in the rebalancing farms are lower than actual. This is an interface issue but all functional logics behind are perfectly fine and work as they should be. Now we’ve fixed the user interface issue already. Moreover, we are also adjusting some of the user interface and user experience on the graph and matrix in each farm. The upgrade will be done shortly.

The value of share price displayed on FINIX Volatility rebalancing farm

  • We have found that a certain user who used the rebalancing farm has an issue with the withdrawal amount and investigated until we could contact that user. We have worked together with the support of the user until we could solve this issue. Since this issue affected the displayed share price on a level of user interface, the part of displaying the share price of FINIX Volatility is perfectly fine now after we solved the issue.

Failed transactions when users want to invest in rebalancing farms.

  • We have solved the issue and now the users can make a transaction for investing in rebalancing farms perfectly.

We apologize for all the inconveniences that occur during the launching period. All the issues mentioned are resolved within 24 hours. We hope that you will receive the best experience on using Definix features in the near future.

Thank you for your trust and all the good intentions. We will take your comments as our guideline for improvement for the upcoming features in the next session.

According to our roadmap, the finishing line is still far from where we stand. There are many more things to be delivered and add into optimization of the platform like we’ve promised.

The brand new Rebalancing Farm was launched already on Klaytn blockchain. People have been questioning when will it be the opening of the Rebalancing Farm for users on Binance Smart Chain. The reason is that the transition during this time is that we wanted to gain exposure in the South Korea sentiment in order to proceed next.

From the report we mentioned the issues encountered and how the problems are solved, in which it will help us be more prepared and get everything ready for another opening session on the Binance Smart Chain too.

Previously we reduced the farms for investment from 10 to 6 farms. That is because we are in the process of collecting our backtest report and proving our hypothesis for other performing results which will be due next on the upcoming phases.

Though the opening period for Rebalancing Farm on Binanace Smart Chain may come later than it used to be, the highlighted feature as the FINIX Yield APR is still included here too. No other platform has this additional generation of APR compounded with the farm they are servicing.

Therefore, our next step will be the upgraded version where we learned from the mistake and the feedback from the community we hear out to help improve the efficiency of the platform and for the experience you should receive.

This DCA Farm is one of a kind of pool you can see on DeFi protocols. Strategically, it is different from the Definix Singled-sided Pool because the Dollar-cost Average strategy has been applied for the voter with a higher return of investment rather than a single annual percentage rate arithmetic calculation.

Initially for Long-term DCA Farm investors are promoted to stake FINIX for 90, 180, or 365 days, each returning reward is based on each lot enabling users to pick investment return from the beginning prior investment.

Long-term DCA Farm returns are conditioned with the period you staked in. Interval constant buying of the assets will be automatically compound with the deposited balance.

The better part of having your assets staked in Long-term DCA Farm is the purpose of having to gain the right for voting inside the Definix platform.

Voting system on Definix can be simplified to be similar to the voting system on other decentralized platforms where users who have held onto large amounts of the platform’s token will be signified to have the right to vote for the change in the ecosystem.

For example, the usability of FINIX tokens here, in the future, users are able to vote for the adjustment of allocation of FINIX ratios in the farms. Have rights to help with coins listing plans for FINIX or SIX.

Voting rights are not given to all members but will follow the rules and conditions of the right to vote for the platform which will consecutively be discussed in further events.

In that particular way, the condition where users have power over the changes can be distributed to serve specific needs from the users’ endpoint.

Extra Reward Ticket

One more attention drawing feature in the Long-term DCA Farm is the inclusion of an extra rewarding system. It acts as an incentive reward for investors. With a higher voting amount will lead to a chance of having to earn more tickets and get incentive revenue.

This special Extra Reward Ticket comes with a persuasive FINIX token usage for all users. As well as to participate in bringing out the use of their FINIX to acquire investment privilege in DCA.

To completely become a multi-chain investment platform this Farm Management is the prestigious feature to investors longing to be their own manager of the farm they created.

If you have been around with us, you’ll know the drill: we will be opening any brand new feature on both blockchains starting with Klaytn first as usual and expanding to Binance Smart Chain later.

This Farm Management is suitable for everyone, with or without experience in crypto trading. For the user who is new to crypto, Definix also provided a managed farm for those users. The farm is tailored and managed by Definix and the expertise in crypto trading. It allows users to leverage their portfolio. There are a variety of farms managed by Definix including index farms, crypto, and etc.

User Generated Farm (UGF)

Our investment platform is open for anyone who has experience in crypto trading to create their own crypto farm. During the farm creation process, managers are required to pass the criteria to be eligible to create a farm under their responsibility.

To register to be the manager, users must declare their specified tokens to be traded and strategies. And in return they will initiate to receive the platform management fees which are divided into two: performance fee and management fee.

Those data will be specified to blockchain’s smart contract. The farm manager has to obey preliminary set rules. They could not transfer the money out of the platform other than trading inside our DEX.

Bottomline, Definix welcomes all and each interested investor whether you are new or an expert in the field to invest and advance your crypto assets with us.

The experiences from opening the Rebalancing Farm have taught us to be more cautious with all actions. The lesson learnt will be applied and used during the development of our future steps into making a smoother experience for all.

Everyone must put effort into their investment knowingly that investing is not just an opportunity to trade, but to grow mindfully and utilize the resource you have on hand wisely.

Definix Listing, Partnership, and The NFT Trend

Evolution of DeFi is never ending and the trending stream in this period is Non-Fungible Token or NFT. Our powerful alliances are looking forward to the investment of NFT too. Ookbee is Thailand’s famous firm for digital content whereas the utility of the blockchain has been boosted to store the intellectual property and foresees the opportunity into NFT investment.

Onwards to South Korea with Future Stream Networks (FSN), another big brother who provides digital advertising services having the potential to start looking forward to NFTs as well. Finally, it would never complete if not mentioning Klaytn, the world leading blockchain provider is starting to looking forward for being the advisory for their ecosystem which will eventually steps into the NFT road in the near future.

SIX Network-FSN Asia is looking into the opportunity of listing for the ecosystem token, FINIX, to be listed on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Summary : FINIX HOLDERs Win In The Long Run

The future of the Definix platform will evolve along the way with trials and errors to pick up. We’ve been developing the platform with our first intention to make the platform accessible and easy to understand for everyone. Sustainability and accuracy are the concerns we never left aside.

This beneficial factor to vote for users’ future will help mold and shape the platform for a better experience. The voting right will be granted to FINIX holders under conditional rules of the platform.

This part of voting in the system is beneficial for FINIX holders. Having FINIX in your pocket can suit you for voting for change in the system you desire and trusting to make valuable investments with.

The changes and issues fixed are the proportion from where we heard you out to maintain the highest security performance, the experience we have is priceless and here we say thank you.

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