Roadmap: FINIX Utility Overview

This roadmap of FINIX Utility for Definix platform will help articulate strategic thinking — the why — behind both goals and major milestones needed to reach for the future of the platform.

We will briefly cover overview ideas of what’s coming next, what will be accomplished, and what is achievable within the last quarter of the year.

Hereby is an outline of the planned milestones which will be part into three segments: Achieving in Q4, Near Range Plan, and Future Product Development.

Achieving in Q4

  • Long-term Stake with vFINIX

Near Range Plan

  • Partner Integration & NFT

Future Product Development

  • Definix on Ethereum Layer 2

Long-term Stake with vFINIX

This is a special long-term staking pool made purposefully for locking up your FINIX asset to receive vFINIX tokens in return. This pool is one of the most important mechanisms of the platform to which only participants can obtain vFINIX only from this pool.

The objective of vFINIX is to increase the utility of FINIX for all the users across the platform by providing the privilege to holders and making Definix become a truly decentralized protocol.

The duration of the staking period varies with a multiplier. The longer the period staked the more return of vFINIX token received. And as mentioned, a long-term staking pool is as such similar to the single-sided pool that includes APR for the users to generate more income.

The tentative releasing date of the long-term stake pool is at the end of October 2021.

Benefits of Holding vFINIX

Holding vFINIX in your wallet will have the privilege used in the Definix platform. After staking FINIX in the long-term pool to receive vFINIX, the holder is privileged to:

  • Discount Use vFINIX for discounting of fee for Rebalancing Farm.

New Release Rebalancing Farm on BSC

One more proudest and important feature making Definix platform outstanding is the Rebalancing Farm, currently available on Klaytn network.

The period to be released of the Rebalancing Farm feature will be officially open during the month of November 2021 for Definix users on Binance Smart Chain.

Rebalancing Farm is an ultimate crypto asset management in which the farm is applied with financial strategy commonly used in stock trading, but less practice in the crypto world that is Rebalancing Strategy.

This kind of farm has its specialty is to constantly sell investments of an asset class that is overweight, and use the money to buy investments in a class that is underweight. Balancing out the investment portfolio to the allocated risk and preventing the risk of loss in trading opportunities.

Added Feature to Rebalancing Farm on Binance Smart Chain

Rebalancing Farm is committed to being one more excitement for users of Definix on Binance Smart Chain. Achievable within the month of November 2021 which is the 4th quarter of this year.

An upgraded version of Rebalancing Farm on BSC is the manual harvesting button for users to manage their own earned APR, which before earns will be automatically compounded back into the deposited amount.

Partner Integration & NFT

SIX Network is continuously joining hands with vast partners in a variety of fields to meet a new level of being abstract and to be able to use the platform and assets in diversity. The next step nearer is the partnership with Velo Labs Technology to which the plan is to implement a pool and provide liquidity on Definix of VELO token.

An undeniable trend of NFT will also be integrating into the ecosystem with the helping hands from Ookbee that will add up Definix to the perspective of NFT adoption. Migrating ability to obtain Non-fungible token to diversify the assets in Definix.

NFT will come to be a choice for Definix users to design more fruitful investment strategies. NFT token isn’t just for decoration but can help the users get special treats just like yield rate boosting and others. Indeed, there will be an exclusive NFT for vFinix holders.

Ecosystem Voting

The features that drive FINIX to become the truly decentralized finance protocol. The voting power of vFINIX plays a major role to navigate the ecosystem direction.

The vFINIX will be involved in decentralized voting in platforms including FINIX emission rate, allocation adjustment, pair selection, asset selection for rebalancing farms, and more to be discussed in the near future.

Definix on Ethereum Layer 2

Definix is planning to deploy on Ethereum layer 2 after other milestones are accomplished. Launching Definix on Ethereum layer 2 will unleash the true potential of farm management for all users.

Users can enjoy new experiences with various crypto assets across the world. With the blockchain having the highest value of assets, Ethereum will be a potential driver to increase the TVL and liquidity on Definix.

User Generated Farm

Our investment platform is open for anyone who has experience in crypto trading to create their own crypto farm. During the farm creation process, they would specify tokens to be traded, farm strategy, and farm fee (performance fee/farm management fee).

Those data will be specified to blockchain’s smart contract. The farm manager has to obey the preliminary set rules. They could not transfer the money out of the platform other than trading inside our DEX.

The farm generated by the farm manager will be public on Definix and allow the investors to choose to invest on their own choice.

They could start with small money and show the past performance to attract investors to invest in their farm. Once the farm has been created, investors can invest and be able to redeem money back anytime.

The expansion of Definix on other networks will help all the farm managers to have more choices to build their farms and attract more investors.

Connect with Financial Institution

Last but not least, Definix's ultimate goal would be to integrate with real-world financial institutions. Definix's goal is to integrate the decentralized finance strong point with the existing legacy financial product. With the core competency of each sector, it will enhance the power of financial management to an unimaginable level and maximize the benefit to all users.


Right in the middle of the process and timing, the Definix team is hopeful to make every milestone shine out. Detailing and in-depth components will be discussed further later during the time of launching.

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