DEFINIX Trading Tournament — 1,800 $FINIX to Be Won

Hi Definix folks,

Definix will be hosting the 1st FINIX Trading Tournament, we proudly present and would like to invite participation from every trader who has an interest. You don’t have to be a professional trader to join and everyone is welcome to accept the challenge.

We would like to get everyone to feel the energy and warm up their skills for trading and challenge themself to be outstanding traders. This challenging competition is meant to be an introduction phase for the fund management that is anticipated to come in our second milestone.

Investors will have a taste test to what it really is to become their own fund manager by taking hold of their action to trade, manage, and make profit contributions to their fund and other depositors.

The competition is free for everyone; it requires you to create a new decentralized wallet with 1 BNB deposit. The applicants are allowed to trade from Definix and Pancakeswap only. The best trader who has the highest profit loss ratio will win the tournament.

The competition rewards are up to 1800 $FINIX for the winners.

Registration Period: 12 May 2021, 8:00 A.M. — 14 May 2021, 7:59 A.M. (GMT)

Competition Period: 14 May 2021, 8:00 A.M. — 23 May 2021, 8:00 A.M. (GMT)

Reward List:

  • 1st price 1000 $FINIX
  • 2nd price 500 $FINIX
  • 3rd price 300 $FINIX
  • Top 30 outstanding traders from this tournament will be selected to join the Elite Community of the traders and can be joined exclusively by invitation only.
  • The Elite Community will be the conference point of every trader to share their knowledge, experience, and perspective on how to be a better version of a trader that they already are.
  • Tournament competitive surprising bonus rounds up to 5 BNB in reward! The participants on the top list of the first 100 traders will be rewarded with 0.05 BNB equally as a complementation trading fee pool.
Only selected first 100 traders on the list will receive 0.05 BNB each (grand total of 5 BNB).
  1. The participants must create a new decentralized wallet (not in use before) and deposit 1 BNB net cost before registering with the platform.

— One participant is allowed to have more than one decentralized wallet registered for the trading tournament. Each account must deposit a net cost of 1 BNB initial for participating.

— The final results after the trading period ended will be calculated respectively and the participant is not allowed to transfer the total Profit and Loss (PnL) for one accumulative account.

2. The participants are only allowed to swap/farm on specified symbols and exchanges, Pancakeswap and Definix swap only. Please see the qualified symbols and exchanges on the following list. (Refer pic 1.1–1.2)

3. A minimum of 5 days of trading activities is mandatory for qualification. Staying in the farm with no movement will not be account for trading. (Must be active 5 out of 10 days; in/out farm(s) during the period).

4. Deposit or withdrawal of fund or swap/farm in unspecified symbols of the competition account will not be counted toward PnL calculation and will result in disqualification.

5. The competition result will be based on the participants’ portfolio percentage gain/loss only and the results are final.


The participants are allowed to use 1 BNB as an initial asset in order to perform these actions:

  • Trading (swap): Exchange the token for other coins based on their strategy on the permitted pool and decentralized exchange.
  • Staking: The participant put the asset in the permitted pool if the participant staking in the pool that is not listed in the rule, the participant will be disqualified
  • Farm: Stake LP token to the only permitted farm to earn a reward.
  • Gas Fee: Please manage your gas well. We do not allow the participants to top-up any assets from external sources, which means the participants can only earn more gas fees from the two actions above.
    **NOTE** Topping up more resources to the trading account will automatically result in disqualification and banned from this tournament.


You are responsible for your own asset including your 1 BNB net cost asset. Gaining and losing during the tournament is your full responsibility. This tournament is an experience to focus on maximizing profit from your investment. Invest wisely. This experience has nowhere to gain, you may be a great fund manager, who knows?

“Cryptocurrency is promising, but please invest with caution!”

— Elon Musk —

Pic 1.1

Pic 1.2

The registration will be open on the next following schedule.

Stay tuned with us!

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