DefinixKlay Airdrop Campaign

The full launch of Definix on Klaytn Blockchain is about to release the official announcement date. SIX Network has prepared a series of campaigns offering airdrop for every investor that has joined the FINIX troops since the beginning. Criteria met to claim airdrops:

The total value of airdrop Definix is giving out is $300,000 for those who have joined Definix on Binance Smart Chain

  1. The 1st airdrop's total value of $100,000 can be claimed through (before the launching of located on the top banner of the page.
  • Pioneer users from from 1st April 2021, 3:00:00 p.m. — 12th June 2021, 06:59:59 a.m. (GMT+7) from records.

2. Klaytn 2nd Airdrop $200,000

  • The next airdrop is purposely for people who fall under the criteria for claiming the airdrop from the first campaign.

KLAY Airdrop: Bundle Reward (Bonus)

  1. Klaytn bundle reward distribution in farming on

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