Definix Launches Featuring SIX Bridge in Preparation For Genesis Pool on Milestone 1

The waiting is over, SIX Network has finally announced the activation of the platform of an innovative way to invest in the crypto fund investment on the Decentralized Multi-chain Fund Management Protocol. SIX Bridge is needed for the preparation of the SIX tokens to obtain a bonus from the Genesis Pool.

What is Bridge?

SIX Bridge is the safe, fast, and most secure way to convert SIX across Stellar Lumen, Klaytn, and Binance Smart Chain networks. And benefits from being a Multi-chain Fund Management Protocol of the new Defi platform by SIX Network.

SIX Network is preparing every investor for the new coming of the Definix platform of bridging, on website SIX tokens from one chain spontaneously on each blockchain.

After the announcement that SIX Network has made about the new platform, Definix, on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has made investors questioning how to buy SIX to be able to use on Definix since SIX tokens are on Stellar Lumen (XLM) and Klaytn (KCT) only.

SIX Network has developed a new feature named SIX Bridge which will help investors to convert their assets from one network to another with ease and helps to provide the liquidity of each network as well.

Experience The Convenience

SIX Bridge is the portal to convert the network of SIX tokens to fully leverage the tokens. The Bridge can convert SIX from each network to the final destination on the ratio of 1:1. This means that SIX holders don’t need to sell their owning SIX to buy SIX on the final network. The list of bridges we provide are as mentioned below:

Stellar Lumen Network — Exchange listing on Bitkub, Bittrex

Klaytn Network — Exchange listing on Coinone

Binance Smart Chain Network — Definix

Safety and Transparency

The Smart Contract is involved in the bridging system to convert each network. This equals the reliability that the investors would have during the process. Making sure that their assets are 100% secure and because the system is decentralized, no main entity would take holds of the assets along the process of converting.

The SIX tokens will be stored on the Smart Contract of each network and will be carried out by the Smart Contract of the final network. To trace the process of each Smart Contract use the following address:

Proof of assets:

Collateral Wallet:


Issuer Wallet (Smart Contract):


Klaytn: 0xef82b1c6a550e730d8283e1edd4977cd01faf435

Binance Smart Chain: 0x070a9867ea49ce7afc4505817204860e823489fe

Smart Contract:

SIX Token Contract Address: 0x070a9867ea49ce7afc4505817204860e823489fe

FINIX Token Contract Address: 0x0f02b1f5af54e04fb6dd6550f009ac2429c4e30d

Furthermore, the Smart Contract will not generate more tokens, but will only convert the network of SIX tokens. Assuring that the amount of SIX will be accurate, no addition, or loss of the assets.

SIX Token on Binance Smart Chain

It’s a huge opportunity for Thai cryptocurrency to participate on the international level with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for trading and utilizing SIX tokens. Originally, SIX Stellar has the market trade on Bitkub a huge exchange board of Thailand, and SIX Klaytn listed on the largest exchange in South Korea, Coinone.

Therefore, having SIX on BSC would bring convenience for investors on Definix and expand more exposure to the alliance of the BSC users as well.

Be Prepared for Definix

To be prepared for investing with Definix, investors must study how to prepare their assets by converting SIX tokens from their original network to another supporting one. SIX Network allows the bridging for SIX’s holder on Stellar and Klaytn to cross over. The bridging is available on this website SIX Bridge ( and Definix will be live shortly than anticipated.

The Definix platform will be activated on 1 April 2021, and the Genesis Pool will go live at 03:00 P.M. (GMT +7) onwards.

Definix will be soon open for every investor to enjoy the ultimate experience of DeFi investment. Stay up-to-date with us on these channels SIX Network Facebook Twitter medium

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